Regardless of their program, by working the steps the BBA way,
people have gone farther than they ever thought possible.

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May 5, 2014 Version 5.1 of the Sponsorship Guide is here.
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If you are willing to be contacted for BBA in your area, email us.

You can find fellowship on Facebook at our private Big Book Awakenings page.  Remember, although the page is private, FB is not anonymous.


This site was created for people who want a deeper recovery than they've gotten in the rooms of their program.  They want the 9th step or 10th step promises.  But they didn't know how to get them. 

Or, maybe they are still living in the bedevilments and want a way out

Many of us have had a variety of sponsors, each of whom has had their own take on how to do the Steps.  Because of this, there has been a variety of quality in our own recoveries. 

Big Book Awakenings, or BBA for short, was created to provide a mechanism to thoroughly take a sponsee or a group of people through the 12 Steps as written in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous.  And it was created so that someone who has worked the Steps the BBA way will have been given the necessary tools to then take someone else through the Steps the same way.

Use the menu on the left to learn more or contact Tyla (619) 540-8952

Getting Started lists what we use to work the steps.

Tools are worksheets and audios we use to assist us in the steps.  Select the step you're on for the needed tools.

Audios provide supported audios in working the steps.

At BBA Meetings, those who have done the Big Book Steps speak on their experience.

In BBA Workshops, workshop leaders take participants through the Steps.

Carrying the Message has audios of BBA people speaking at other meetings.

Personal Stories of recovery per the Big Book and Big Book Awakening has been added.  If you have a story, let us know.

Contacts: If you are willing to be contacted for BBA in your area, email us.